All About Woolfolk

March 20, 2018

All About Woolfolk

With decadent fibers, strong environmental initiatives, and a philosophy emphasizing the importance of small businesses and brick and mortar yarn stores, Woolfolk is one of our favorite yarn companies. Here's why it should be yours too:

The Story

Kristin Ford, the founder of Woolfolk, learned to knit at age five from her grandmother and has adored working with fibers ever since. Her designs are inspired by her Danish heritage and architectural background.  We have carried Woolfolk since it’s inception in the Fall of 2014 and watched the company grow from the original two yarn lines to the many they now carry. 

What makes Woolfolk yarn so special? Ultimate Merino. Ultimate Merino sheep are found only in the Patagonia region of Argentina.  Most types of wool have a fiber diameter of 30 or more microns but Ultimate Merino has a micron count of only 17.  This means the fiber having the feel of cashmere but the sturdiness and wear potential of wool. This one-of-a-kind fiber provides a soft, luxurious fabric which provides joy to the knitter.

Environmental Initiatives

In the times in which we live, we must be conscious about environmental sustainability; from driving a car with good fuel economy to buying local vegetables, we strive to take less from the world around us.  When we think about sourcing sustainable wool it is important for us to also think about sustainable grasslands.  Within the Patagonia region of Argentina are grasslands that have been inadvertently overused, often by poor grazing habits.  In 2011, Patagonia (the outdoor clothing company), The Nature Conservancy, and Ovis 21 formed a coalition to help rejuvenate and conserve the local grasslands by including input from local people whose livelihoods depend on the land.  This coalition seeks global answers to sustainable usage of grasslands and then applies those methods to the Patagonia region.  Please enjoy this beautiful video showcasing the positive impacts of this collaboration.  These are the farmers who supply Ultimate Merino for Woolfolk.

Woolfolk Yarn Lines


FÅR (sheep in Danish) is a worsted weight yarn with chainette construction made from Ultimate Merino. It can be worked on multiple needle sizes and with a plethora of stitches.  

GÅDE is a fantastic cowl or scarf knit out of one, two, or three colors!  On the C Train is a simple ribbed beanie which looks luscious out of Far.


TYND (thin in Danish) is a plied fingering weight yarn made from Ultimate Merino with a tight twist. Tynd knits up best on small needles and create a lightweight fabric. 

Shima Shima is a stunning, garter stitch cowl which is beautiful with Tynd alone or with Tynd and Sno combined. We currently have Shima Shima kits!


SNO (twist in Danish) is made of a marled combination of Tynd and is therefore also Ultimate Merino.

TORV is a rectangular shawl with simple, geometrical squares.


LUFT (air in Danish) is an bulky weight yarn constructed by stuffing an Organic Cotton Tube (45%) with Ultimate Merino Wool (55%).  This surprising combination creates an amazing fabric which has depth, sheen, and a lovely halo.

We absolutely love Carbeth out of Luft.


TOV (hesitate in Danish) is an aran weight, 12-ply yarn made from Ultimate Merino. Gorgeous, dense, irresistibly soft, TOV is sure to be your new favorite aran weight yarn. With stunning stitch definition, TOV is a wonderful choice for your upcoming cable projects, big or small! 

The Mariner's Revenge Hat is a cabled hat designed by one of our local knitters and knits up in just one skein of Tov!

Tov DK

TOV DK is the DK weight version of TOV.  With the same strong stitch definition and structure of TOV but creating a lighter fabric, TOV DK creates the perfect garments for summer nights and winter days.

We think TOV DK is the perfect yarn for the Campside Pullover.


HYGGE (cozy in Danish) is a bulky weight yarn composed of Ultimate Merino, Superfine Baby Alpaca, and Mulberry Silk.

KILE is a sturdy coat designed for the unique HYGGE yarn.

While we don't yet have Woolfolk available for purchase on our online store, we are always able to take phone orders at 801.487.5648.
As always, shipping is free with purchases over $100!

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