Inclusivity in the Knitting Community

January 14, 2019

Inclusivity in the Knitting Community

We have spent the past week listening to the enormously important conversation which is currently taking place in the knitting community. If you haven't been paying attention, the conversation is about inclusivity and representation of people of color, specifically, women of color. 

Here at Blazing Needles, community has always been a core tenet of who we are. To us, community should be a positive, creative, kind, inspiring, inclusive, thoughtful space which is open to all and in which everyone feels important and has an equal voice. As we listen to the discussion which is going on all around us, we realize that there is more we can be doing to include a wider range of makers. While we understand this is meaningful to many people, this particular conversation has been focused on racial disparities.

To many, this conversation has been blindsiding due to the privilege of not even realizing that a problem exists. For others, this conversation hits close to home on issues that have been affecting life within and without of the knitting community for years and lifetimes. It is not up to the underrepresented to explain why their voices matter, instead it is up to the privileged to educate themselves on a system which elevates certain voices, predominantly white voices, higher than voices of color. 

The process of self education is long and there will always be fresh perspectives and thoughts on the subject. If you are looking for a good place to start, we recommend checking out the Instagram posts and stories by the following makers: @thecolormustard, @su_krita, @tina.say.knits, @ocean_bythesea, and @astitchtowear.  Another good resource for self-reflection is Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad a 28-day, self-guided workbook which challenges you grow and self-analyze through journaling from prompts about your relationship with white privilege and supremacy.

Thank you to all who have spoken up and shared their experiences in the past week and also before that. Progress can be a painful process and we are grateful to the brave, bold souls who went out on a limb to share their painful experiences.

Thank you to the Blazing Needles community for prioritizing inclusivity, kindness, and for listening for the unheard voices around us.  We will continue to self analyze and self reflect on how to create and contribute to a world where all are equally heard and represented.