Scandiwork Celebration

February 19, 2019

Scandiwork Celebration

For a few years we have been grateful to have Kristin Drysdale, the mastermind designer of Scandiwork, as a cherished member of our community. She is both a phenomenal designer and a kind, patient teacher who has helped make traditional colorwork a modern and manageable project.

Recently Kristin's Marit Cardigan published in Laine Magazine, Issue 7. To celebrate this success, we threw a huge party and asked people who have taken her classes, knit her patterns, or generally love colorwork, to join us in congratulating her on this milestone. We were thrilled to experience so much love and support from our community. So many people have made her designs and have grown as knitters through her teaching. Below are some photos from the event that we wanted to share for you.

If you are interested in checking out more of her designs, head over to her Ravelry account. If you are interested in taking a class taught by Kristin, check out our classes page for updated information.

Marit Cardigans!

First and foremost, here are the Marit Cardigans knit by some of Kristin's test knitters. These gorgeous sweaters show how color and value can change what we perceive out of a pattern.

Other Scandiwork Garments!

All of these patterns have been designed by Kristin and/or taught by Kristin in the past few years. We are so grateful for everyone who came out to show off their beautiful knitting!

Finally, here are some photos of the community fun we had!

We have always strived to be a community minded store. Kindness, joy, connection, creativity, thoughtfulness, and beauty are all welcome here. Thanks to everyone in our community who makes events like this so fun!