Shibui Lunar Has Launched! + Shibui SS17 Collection

March 28, 2017

Shibui Lunar Has Launched! + Shibui SS17 Collection

Shibui Lunar Has Launched!

A cricket sings

moonlight reveals

blossoms before dewfall

The latest addition to Shibui Knit's extensive yarn collection is Lunar.  This exquisite lace-weight yarn is composed of 60% extra fine merino and 40% mulberry silk. The combination of these fibers create a luminous, light fabric. Released in twelve colors, Lunar is sure to be enjoyed whether knit by itself or paired with another one of Shibui's fabulous fibers.

Shibui SS17 Collection

As usual, Shibui's elegant designs don't disappoint.  With simple, yet concise designs, each piece in this eight-pattern collection seems the essence of minimalist perfection. While each piece in Spring/Summer 2017 is unique and striking, these are the ones we are fawning over...

Crete - knit out of Shibui Twig + Lunar, shown in Blueprint

Athens - knit out of Shibui Reed, shown in Ivory

Siena - knit out of Shibui Reed + Lunar, shown in Ash

Getty - knit out of Shibui Cima + Twig, shown in Ivory