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Addi Click Standard Rocket Interchangeable Set

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Addi Clicks are our favorite interchangeable needles! The seamless join, flexible cord and smooth needle makes for a joyful knitting experience.

When you have this set in your toolkit, you will never be without the needles you use the most. Each kit comes with needle tips, cords, a needle gauge and a beautiful leather storage case. Extra needle tips and cords are also available should you desire to expand your kit to meet your individual knitting needs!

The addiClick Standard Rocket set includes:

  • 10 different sizes of addiClick Rocket® tips (approx. US 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13 and 15)
  • 1 each 24”, 32” and 40” pliable, blue nylon SOS Cords – for inserting lifelines as you knit
  • Click Connector, which helps to either store stitches or combine cords
  • addiGrip to make changing tips even easier
  • addi® Needle Gauge

Please note that due to their longer length, tips included in this set cannot be used to create 16" and 20" needles. If you need a shorter length needle, please consider purchasing a Short Tip set available here.

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