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Birdie Parker Bridget Hoops

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All Birdie Parker creations are available in rich copper or satin-finished sterling silver, with a stockinette motif. The patterns are etched into the surface of the material using an electro-etching technique.  Each shape is then cut out by hand using a jeweler's saw, and refined using hand files and sandpaper.  Lastly, a light patina is applied to add depth to the etchings and make the pattern pop, and sealed with a light coat of wax.  

The Bridget is an anticlastic hoop, measuring approximately 1" x 1/2", and is about 1 1/2" long.  The ear wire is handmade using Argentium Silver, an alloy similar to Sterling Silver that is considered to be more hypoallergenic as it contains no nickel.

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