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Stitch Marker Sets - Options Available

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Choose from:
  • 8 total - 4 x 10 mm round snag free birds plus 4 x 10 mm round bees in a pack for your next knitting project!
  • 10 x sweet little raw brass heart stitch markers plus 1 x silver toned heart progress keeper in this pack. (These are for your SMALL and delicate knits! Fits a needle up to a max of a Canadian: 2.75/ USA size 2)
  • 8 total - 4 x 10 mm round snag free cats plus 4 x 10 mm round dogs
  • 7 x 10 mm golden toned honeycomb shaped stitch markers PLUS one silver toned bee progress keeper.
  • 6 various charm rounds and 6 various round no snag stitch markers.
  • 7 silver toned 10mm round pine cone stitch markers PLUS 1 pine cone progress keeper for your knitting.
  • 8 sweet enamel socks in 4 different colours (2 of each), on a raw brass ring. 
  • 8 x round golden metal tiger charms on raw brass, no snag rings

    Love Cats? Kitty-themed stitch marker sets can be found here.

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