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Knitfix Mini Crochet Hook Keychain

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A solution to your knitting errors is here! This emergency crochet hook keychain is a quick way to fix many of the oopsie mistakes we all tend to find at the most inconvenient times in our projects - when we are on-the-go and unable to easily fix the issue. With the KnitFix keychain, you'll be able to fix your project without skipping a beat.

The crochet hooks come in three different sizes and will pick-up and hold stitches from laceweight to bulky yarns. The small gold crochet hook is sized at 3.0mm / 2.5 US, the medium fuchsia hook is size 4.0mm / 6 US, and the large aqua hook is 5.0mm / 8 US. Their mini length (the longest one is just 3 inches) means that you can take them off of the keyring and just store them in your notions case if you want.

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