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Lanolin Blocking Bar

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Knitter’s of the world rejoice! Finally a solid blocking bar is here. Forget bottles of commercial liquid lanolin soap! This blocking bar is all you will ever need. Specially formulated for blocking all your wool creations and scented with lemongrass essential oil. No artificial scents,preservatives or SLS.

It’s just as easy to use as liquid soaps and easier to bring with you when you travel and need to block a last minute gift. Best of all, it’s plastic free. No bottles to worry about here. To use, simply fill a basin or your sink with warm, but not hot water, place the bar in the water and rub the bar between your hands until enough soap comes off to saturate the water. Then place the bar on a soap dish to dry and continue as your normally would to soak and block your garment.

This Nettlesome Pantry and Blazing Needles exclusive soap is made with the following natural ingredients that are sustainably harvested and sourced from small businesses:
Olive oil, coconut oil, lye, distilled water, almond oil, lanolin, lemongrass essential oil rosemary antioxidant.

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