21 Color Fair Isle Hat Class B

This hat is the happy offspring of the 21-Color Slouch Hat Kit and the 21 Color Fair Isle Hat pattern.  Stephen brings both together to create a masterful hat which is stylish and comfortable to wear as well as a blast to knit!

In this course you will go over both the basics and some intermediate techniques and thought processes that go into making a fair isle hat.  Stephen will walk you through how to get your gauge right in colorwork; how to interpret the pattern and, from it, determine color dominance; the convenience of weaving in ends as you go; and three various decrease options and why they are each valuable. Bringing a notebook to class is a great idea so that you can take notes on what you learn.

Since there are so many different colors, some experience with colorwork is recommended. However, if you are an adventurous colorwork beginner who picks things up quickly, you may be able to keep up with the curriculum.

When: Wednesdays, November 28th and December 12th from 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Required Skills:

  • Must be comfortable knitting and purling
  • Must have previously made a hat
  • Recommended: Some experience with colorwork

Taught Skills:

  • Colorwork Gauge
  • Color Dominance and Pattern Interpretation/Translation
  • Weaving in Ends Throughout
  • Three Decrease Options


    • Please purchase materials and knit through the ribbing before the first class (Stephen recommends a tubular cast-on but any cast-on of your choosing will be fine - no cast-on techniques will be taught in this course. Stephen also recommends doing the ribbing on a US 4 to insure a tightly knit brim.)


    • 21-Color Hat Kit + 1 Skein of Woolstok in a color of your choice
    • 16" Circular US 6 and US 7 OR 16" Circular US 7 & US 8 (Depending on whether you want a firmer or looser fabric, you can knit this hat on smaller or larger needles. In-store the white sample is the former and the blue sample is the latter.)
    • Flexi-Flips or DPNs in US 6 OR US 7 (depending on which needle combination you are using.)
    • Tapestry Needle
    • Notions

    Pattern: 21 Color Fair Isle Hat by William Dristas

    Instructor: Stephen

    Please note that all sales are final for classes, workshops, K2TOGs, and lectures. No exchanges or refunds can be made.

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