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Brainy Yak Large Bag

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  • The S'wet Wet/Dry Bag keeps odors, wetness and messes contained. Its roll-up design, 16" x 21" size, waterproof lining and waterproof zipper make it the perfect on-the-go companion for travel, leisure and fun.
  • Built with a durable, waterproof lining, doubled seams and waterproof zipper, this Wet/Dry Bag has you covered no matter what you stuff inside. Be it laundry on a vacation or going from hot yoga to the restaurant, odors and wetness are contained rather than accompanying you on your date.
  • A sturdy strap and heavy-duty snap lets you hang this bag anywhere for convenient access. Roll it up, secure it with the strap, and stow it for next time.
  • Also perfect as a knitting bag, with the cute Alpaca or Yak graphic image sure to grab attention.
  • Large Bag measures 16" x 21.