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Cast On, Bind off April 2020

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Join Krisee in the first of our skills based series of classes offered to our knitters this spring. Learn to master several of the most popular methods for casting on and binding off. Discover how each technique will impact the outcome of your project, and why you might choose one over the other. 

When: Wednesday April 15th from 6-8PM

Taught Skills
  • German Twisted Cast on
  • Long Tail Method- Purlwise and Knitwise
  • Cable Cast on
  • Sloped Bind off
  • Binding off in Pattern
  • Three Needle Bind Off
  • Bonus, if we have time, Tubular Bind off and Cast On
  • Purchase a worsted weight warn of your choice
  • US Size 8 24" Needle
Required materials:
  • Pen or pencil and highlighter
  • Copy of Cast On- Bind- Off