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Combination Knitting 101

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Whether you are an English or Continental style knitter, combination knitting is a game changer! Mastery of this method will tighten your purl stitch (a known issue for traditionally continental knitters) and make patterning such as cable work truly pop! It's also a great way to speed up the purling process, which can sometimes be a pain for continental knitters. In this class you will learn the fundamentals of combination knitting: practice reading your stitches and understanding how this technique works with different stitches.

When: June 28th from 6-8PM 

Skills Learned: Combination knitting basics: knitting, purling, K2TOG, SSK and more!

Required Skills: Must be confident with knitting, purling and reading your stitches. This is class is for those who are already comfortable with beginning knitting basics.

Homework: Please knit an 8x8 swatch in worsted weight yarn before class- do not bind off as you will work various patterning techniques using combination stitches.

Instructor: Whitney

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