Finishing School: Blocking

Are you looking to build your skill set and elevate your knitting experience?  Then our Finishing School series is the solution you didn't know you were looking for.

Have you ever wondered why you should block your handknits? The second installment of this series will focus on a variety of blocking methods and when to use them to elevate your handknits.  Stephen will demonstrate how a fabric changes during the course of blocking with samples including colorwork, texture, and lace sections. 

When: Wednesday, August 1st from 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Required Skills: None

Taught Skills:  How and why to block using a variety of methods including

  • Blocking
  • Wire Blocking
  • Steam Blocking

Homework: None

Materials: None, if you wish you can bring a finished object to discuss how to block it with Stephen and the class

Pattern: Not Applicable

Instructor: Stephen

Please note that all sales are final for classes, workshops, K2TOGs, and lectures. No exchanges or refunds can be made.