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Gauge: It's Important April 2020

When preparing to knit a sweater, choosing the right yarn and achieving pattern gauge can be overwhelming and intimidating. In this class, Brenna will walk you through fiber and weight considerations for yarn substitutions, how needle material may affect gauge, and swatching for the fabric you want rather than trying to match the pattern exactly. Using a pre-knit swatch, you will learn how measure for gauge, find the appropriate size to knit, make minor modifications to ensure a proper fit, and calculate the necessary quantity of yarn to finish the project.

When: Friday, April 3rd from 6-8PM

Homework: knit a 5" x 5" stockinette swatch in a worsted weight yarn of your choosing - do not add a border to the swatch. Block the swatch before class.

Required materials:
  • knit and blocked 5" x 5" gauge swatch
  • pen or pencil and highlighter
  • calculator (you probably have one in your phone!)
  • gauge ruler or measuring tape
  • printed copy of Flax by Tin Can Knits