Injury Prevention & Management for Knitters

Join us for an informative evening where you will learn how to care for your most important tool in knitting; your hands. Physical Therapist, Nina Kaufman, will educate you about the common overuse injuries many knitters encounter at some point in their crafting years. You will also learn about more chronic conditions such as different types of arthritis, trigger fingers, and when it is important to seek medical care for your condition. More importantly you will understand the link between your hands, shoulders, neck, and how to knit with optimal ergonomics. Learn easy to do exercises, stretches, and “postural breaks” that will extend your knitting enjoyment for many years to come. There is no reason to stop your craft, learn how to adapt! 

Nina Kaufman is a Physical Therapist with 10 years experience working with upper body and hand/forearm overuse injuries. She currently has a private cash based practice in Salt Lake City. She’s been a knitter for over 40 years, a writer, and a visual artist.

When: Monday, October 29th from 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Required Skills: None!

Taught Skills: Exercises and stretches to practice to prevent and manage injuries

Materials: Please bring a current project that you are working on

Pattern: None!

Instructor: Nina

Please note that all sales are final for classes, workshops, K2TOGs, and lectures. No exchanges or refunds can be made.

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