Oops! Mistake Cowl Class B

No crying allowed! If you are a relatively new beginning knitter, learning to read your knitting is an invaluable skill that will help catch and fix mistakes, figure out where you are in a pattern, as well as many other things. In this class, Stephen will walk you through what common mistakes look like and how to fix them, all while you make a great cowl (which is also a fabulous gift!)

When: Monday, December 17 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Required Skills: Must be comfortable knitting and purling

Taught Skills: How to read your knitting, including seeing and fixing dropped stitches and slipped stitches

Homework: Please purchase materials, cast-on, knit garter rows of pattern and be ready to begin knitting "garter stitch rib" section for class


Pattern: Snow Day Cowl Pattern

Instructor: Stephen

Please note that all sales are final for classes, workshops, K2TOGs, and lectures. No exchanges or refunds can be made.

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