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Jule Hoover Sweater Club 2019

We are excited to be a part of Julie Hoover's Sweater Club 2019.  This innovative idea brings the patterns and yarn of a club to a personalized kit. Julie has designed two more lovely sweaters: Keller and Pearson.  Both garments are knit out of MYak Tibetan Cloud,   The two designs will be available as printed patterns for this club only and will not be reprinted.

We are proud to be one only 6 local yarn stores in the country selected to offer this Sweater Club!  Blazing Needles will have the trunk show November 1st- 3rd 2019.

Membership in the club pays for the price of the patterns, beautifully packaged and printed on high quality paper.  You are also obligated to purchase sufficient MYak Tibetan Cloutd to make one of the sweaters.  You can, however, purchase yarn to make both sweaters.  Once you decide which sweater you wish to make we can assist with sizing and color, if you desire.

Blazing Needles has 10 spots available for the Julie Hoover Sweater Club 2019. These spots are available first come, first serve.  There are no holds, discounts, returns, or exchanges.  The patterns are only available as a set and with the purchase of club membership comes the obligation to purchase sufficient yarn to make either Keller or Pearson or both.

Once you pay the membership fee, you will have until October 21st to purchase yarn and pick up your pattern kit.  If you miss the deadline your spot will be passed along to the next person on the waitlist.  Membership fees are nonrefundable.