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Knits About Winter

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Knits About Winter celebrates the quiet magic of a snowy landscape, the meditative joy of creating cosy knits, and the beauty of unique yarn. These 12 designs by Emily Foden capture the magic and mystery of winter.

Living in the small hamlet of Mooresburg, Canada, winter means layers of snow and ice, transforming the wild landscape into a sparkling blank canvas that become a valuable source of inspiration. Each pattern draws details from this wintry landscape: soft shapes in the snow, the moon in an icy midnight sky, the delicate evergreen berries. With careful consideration of practical design details that make these knits functional for the coldest of days, Knits About Winter features hats, mittens, socks, shawls, and four garments.

In addition to beautiful patterns are Emily’s charming stories of setting up her dye studio, as well as how she developed her colorways and the designs for the book. Photographed by the author during a snowy Mooresburg winter, each image is a peek into the scenery and spaces that were integral to the book.

A Ravelry download will come with your book.

Printed in the UK // 136 pages // Soft cover