Laine No. 6

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Laine is a high quality Nordic knit and lifestyle magazine which focuses on simple beauty, slow living, and intentional creation.  This magazine is a compelling collection of patterns, interviews, recipes, and more, wrapped together with strong visual storytelling.  Laine aspires to be more than just a magazine or pattern collection - it contains the inspiration to share and create.

A burning desire to translate what we see and feel into our own language. We are born to create.

Laine Autumn/Winter 2018 (No. 6) offers:

  • 140 pages high quality paper
  • 12 patterns by a bunch of wonderful designers: Shannon Cook, Jonna Hietala, Joji Locatelli, Hélène Magnusson, Andrea Mowry, Sari Nordlund, Hiroko Payne, Rosa Pomar, Esther Romo, Annie Rowden, Astrid Troland and Emily Wessel
  • A portrait of Nancy Marchant
  • An interview with Hélène Magnússon, the Icelandic Knitter
  • "my story" by Cecilia Lalanne of the 50-year old Manos del Uruguay
  • A Q&A with Kristin Ford of Woolfolk
  • Seasonal recipes
  • A travel guide to Reykjavík

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