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Mindful Knitting

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Spend an evening with Barbara Scoville, licensed psychotherapist and certified mindfulness meditation teacher, to learn the practice of mindful knitting. The benefits of mindfulness meditation are well known, but did you know knitting is as valid a practice as sitting on a cushion focusing on breath? We will begin the evening with an explanation of what mindfulness is, and then move into knitting as a concentration practice, followed by knitting with open awareness and ending with compassion practice.

You will knit the Seafarers Scarf, which will be taken home and used for your personal meditation practice.

When: Wednesday, January 26th from 6-8pm

Skills Learned: Mindful knitting practice

Required Skills: Must know long tail cast one and knit stitch. Please turn off phone during class.

Homework: Please purchase Blue Sky Fibers Extra for Seafarer Scarf pattern before class.

Instructor: Barbara

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