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Mohair Bias Loop | Evenings

Mohair Bias Loop is an airy and ethereal piece that can be worn long or wrapped once. It knits up relatively quickly on large needles. Since it is knit on the bias (diagonally), it has an extra element of depth to it with stitches always being increased and decreased. Geared towards the advanced beginner, this is a great class if you feel very comfortable knitting and purling and want to try something more difficult. Marie will walk you through the temporary crochet cast-on, teach you increasing and decreasing, and finally, show you how to use the kitchener stitch perfectly every time.

When: Tuesdays, September 17th and October 8th 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Required Skills:

  • Must be very comfortable knitting and purling

    Taught Skills:

    • Temporary crochet cast-on
    • Increasing and decreasing
    • Kitchener stitch

        Homework: None for first class


          Pattern: Mohair Bias Loop

          Instructor: Marie

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