Ranch 01

Ranch 01, Brooklyn Tweed's first ranch specific, single batch yarn, began with the sourcing of fine Rambouillet fiber at Bare Ranch in Surprise Valley, California, a ranch that produces Climate Beneficial Wool in partnership with Fibershed. After shearing, the fiber was processed at Chargeurs in South Carolina and spun at Jagger Brothers in Maine. To achieve a palette of 16 unique colors specially curated by BT and inspired by nature, Ranch 01 was then sent to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to be naturally dyed by the Green Matters Natural Dye Company.

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Worsted weight, worsted-spun, 3-ply

100% Rambouillet sourced from Bare Ranch in Surprise Valley, CA
Scoured in South Carolina
Spun in Maine
Dyed in Pennsylvania

220 yards

100 grams

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