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Soap by Nettlesome Pantry

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Expertly crafted soaps from Nettlesome Pantry. Each bar is handmade by local artisan, Kathryn Pagano, in an extensive eco conscious process that takes weeks!

The Mystic: “The Mystic” is a swirling whirling bar of shea butter yumminess. This is a new bar in the pantry! It’s made with all our normal skin loving all natural plant based oils, but this includes shea butter for extra creaminess. It also includes a small amount of honey for color. The honey was sourced from a local beekeeper here in Utah.

The Herbalist: This soap is for the herb and plant lovers out there, it is perfect for hands, hair, and body. With simple, natural ingredients, this soap has a wonderful lather and will get your hands clean and smelling bright.

The Climber: In Utah, the mountains are always calling. Whether it’s hiking, trail running, or climbing there is always a reason to be outside. This soap is called “The Climber” because it is reminiscent the color of the boulders and cliffs. It’s scented with copaiba and cedar to give it an earthy sweet smell, reminiscent of the desert after the rain.

Summer Days: Imagine lying in the grass the gentile breeze on your skin the sun shinning down and sound of bees buzzing in the flowers around you. This calendula soap is fresh and flowery. Made with homegrown calendula flowers.

The Cook: Imagine your kitchen on autumn afternoon, maybe you are roasting veggies or making a soup or stew. This newest sage colored soap is mild and delightfully fresh. Perfect for using in the kitchen to wash your hands, clean countertops or even do dishes.

Char- Mer: Made with activated charcoal and tea tree oil to help soothe and support healthy skin for a fresh face and body. Made from only plant based oils this soap is luscious. It has a great lather thanks to the caster and coconut oils. It smells fresh and clean and no, it doesn’t stain your skin!

Fresh Start: It is heavenly! It will wake you up and enliven your senses. This soap is a perfect way to start your day. Or get clean after a long day working or playing outside.