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Super Absorbent Towel

Made from a lightweight felt-like cloth, CocoKnits new Super-Absorbent Towel speeds up the process of drying hand washables by absorbing excess water (much more than a regular bath towel) from your garment before air drying. By gently removing excess water and shortening drying time, this towel will help your knits look their best for years to come. 

  • Material: 85% cotton; 10% PET polyester; 5% PE
  • Dimensions: 39” / 1 m x 63” / 1.6 m

To Use: After soaking the garment, spread the piece on the towel and roll from one end to the other, jelly roll style. Kneel or step barefoot on the rolled towel to remove as much moisture as possible. Unroll the towel and gently hang or lay item flat to air dry.